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Asset Track

Asset Trak is a powerful fixed asset software program that can control, track and record every change that occurs during the lifetime of an asset. Each asset record addresses HIPAA specifications to provide a chain of custody and to make sure vendors have a Business Associate Agreement on file.


According to a recent article in Technology Advice, only 1 in 4 entities cataloged at least 75% of fixed assets that were used in carrying Patient Health Information. This is a HIPAA requirement that our program, Asset Trak accomplishes.




·  Fixed asset list provides complete information on     asset status, history and location

·  Comprehensive and detailed asset history and includes images and component views

·  Easy to use input screens for quick additions and updates

·  Integrated Vendor Database

·  Complete chain of custody tracking for HIPAA reporting

·  Simple Excel Export functions




  • Yearly Assessments On-Site

  • Yearly Assessments Program

  • Fixed Asset Tracking Program

  • Business Associate Compliance Training

  • Continous Compliance Monitoring



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